Thursday, August 20, 2009

I just love this!

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El barto!! taken by one of my most admired flickr photographers and contacts, Olivia, which i never met, nevertheless was able to get an original print which i'll post later!

and the pic is too cool for school!

Enjoy! and click on her art! it's very much worth the time! and come on! i'm sure you're bored at work and not really knowing what to click next on your computer!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying out youtube on this

On a small still pic movie i made a while ago when i recently moved to Costa Rica and missed my family and friends!

let's check it out!


Saturday Surf


what can i say, this weekend was an amazing one. It was quite short, but had pretty much all that jacò and costa rica could possibly offer.. For starters, it was the world surf championship, with around 35 different countries, and their groupies all gathered together in a quite chilled and laidback environment.

infrastructure isn't Costa Rica's strong arm when it comes to massive events as this, as there were only two little speakers for at least 10,000 people watching the contest.. and it was amazing.. all national teams really gave their best, and was quite glad to be around some and take some nice pics in some crucial moments, like this!
1 + 1
I love this pic! i named it 1+1, since the contrast in opposite directions is hard to miss...

Then we got our good mate Jeremy Flores, who won the open category for the whole championship! here he's coming from his final set, the one that gave him the actual title...
Jeremy 2

and here's another one!
another one of Jeremy

Of course surfin' girls were also in da house. giving up a great show, specially the aussie and american national team. Here on a what i find very sexy pic, we have Samantha Cornish getting ready to ride!
Sexy Samantha

and if ur wonderin' how crowded this place was, well, here's an idea:
Da crowd
and this!...

Da crowd & da sea
quite packed ain't it!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Piko, the shaper

Piko, the shaper
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.... and i smoke two joints at night!...

taken at playa jacó in costa rica, this dude was once a great shaper... good ol' Piko.. still makes some fine boards, but dont be surprised to find a bud between da foam!!

the young boy and the beach

the young boy and the beach
Originally uploaded by kuma chan

I just love this pic.. and not because i took it, but because it reminds me of the old days, where one was once with the sea, it's provider. Kids since being able to hold breath underneath the water, would spend their days and night on the shore and into the sea...

How times have changed, but it's all coming back.. the rebirth of man and sea, the era of the boy and the beach.

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Forrest Run

Run in the Forrest, Run

Fly away into the mist.

I will always be there for you

i will always be there for you

Taken on a Sunday Forrest Walk in the Chipinque area near Monterrey, i saw this, and felt this strong sense of sureness, protection and limitless love. Any part of my body and mind that ever felt void was replenished, with love. I felt so loved. I felt so unique. I felt so eternal. Feelings are eternal, and that's what this photo is about.

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