Sunday, December 17, 2006

La nomadez

And it begins when I was 9!, my nomadic behaviour.

Still looking for a place to call home, but I have recently adopted the karma of: where you can walk freely only wearing your boxers, that is what you shall call home"

And so I've done.

And in the 30th of October, while I was packing to move to Oslo, I just realized something!!! i've been oving up and down and all around, living in 12 different houses in 7 years, settling in 9 different cities, including my hometown.

And shit...
Over that time I've had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing characters I think I will ever meet. Like the crazy Pedro Ribeiro who took 9 mushrooms before driving on the highway in the Netherlands on a roadtrip, like the famous Topolina, like the infamous "psycho bitch" , like the brother i never had Rodrigo, like my best friend Ricardo the "gramps", like the rock artist Juan Carlos from the exband "C4", like the future embassator of Peru Gonzalo the "Chucha" Talavera, like the crazy cockney exflatmate Ben "Changón" Caldwell, like my host family the Caule's, like the very beautiful Lydia, like my sweet Mary Jo Kansas, like the newlywed Momma Yasmin, like my Precious NorisLaris, Like rosarito beach's BeryWIldBery, like Camilo "asian lover" Rivera, like little genious Gabo, like stupidly rich Naif and his 42`inch plasma tv, like lucas and yamila the argentinian flatmates, like the crazy hungarian aquilles, like Marisol "hobbes" Valdés which just had a baby,and some other characters, that for better or worse, I will NEVER forget, because they're all part of my past, my present and will make me most probably smile in the future.

That is what pays off in this weird nomadity, meeting amazing people. But it's not that I have travelled some more or less than others, but the curiosity becomes bigger and bigger. And after some months of becoming stable and sedentary, again the little curiosity starts to plant its seed.. and so I must go.

But all of this was a normal behaviour in my life. Not having a place to call home, but an environment which became my home. And it was normal until I met Anja.
The norwegian girl, which is now my flatmate AND girlfriend :)

She kind of reminded me how nice a life in one place is. Just travelling on vacations, not spending more than 6-8 months outside your city. And I realised ALL that I have missed in everywhere that I have lived. The graduations of all my friends, the wedding of Felipe, the wedding of Juan Carlos & Gaby, the ceremony of graduation of Sammy, the hard times, the happy times, in france the graduation from my french friends, all the birthday parties, all the bachelor parties, the birth of my little cousins, taking care of my family in times of sickness, and another inumerable quantity of ocassions.

So the purpose of this post!
What is right? And what is everyone's opinion or preferences? At the end, what is what counts?

This is a post for questions!

In the meantime, I present here a picture taken in Oaxaca
el ancestro
It's not Montealban, it is the other ruins, which I just forgot the name. They're quite nice, although montealban has more structures and is better preserved. This was taken the summer of 2003. Roadtrip with some friends around the state of Oaxaca, definately my favourite state in the Republic! :) visit oaxaca

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