Thursday, March 27, 2008

lets go green man

lets go green man
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So, it's been nearly a year since i last blogged..

time goes by so fast. Now i got a job, and at some point, i even got two amazing jobs!. I was a 25 year old lost post adolescent young adult, going through an identity and finding myself crisis (and getting money to support my crisis crisis) And now, i'm in the stage of: "i got a job and now what" crisis... so apparently, confusion in our heads never stops. I've been raised as an unrested individual, always asking questions, the origins of things and trying to always grab some more.. guess stability will never come in the job description. Still much eager to eat the world, live in the 3 continents that are missing in my "been there, done that" list.. and now, still with the same tastes and likings as all my life: photography and muzik.

And i blog this pic, of a photographer which i greatly admire. I randomly encountered his photographs, and they're worth admiring, full of life, vibrant colours and eclecticness (if the word exists), and his flickr name is lomokev, i recommend u look him up. Oh, and i forgot, he's from Brighton!

Cheers y'all

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